George Saliba

George Saliba

Chairman, President and CEO

About Saliba Technologies

George Saliba is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Saliba Technologies, Inc. located in Boulder Colorado.

For the past eight years at Saliba Technologies, George invented and led the development of multiple advanced data storage products including the very successful Tape Drive Doctor for LTO and DLT tapes, “TDD”, and the Global Storage Solution technology, “GSS”. During his tenure at Saliba Technologies, Mr. Saliba continues to provide Technology & IP consulting to multiple Fortune 500 companies in the field of disk, tape and data storage systems.

Prior to Saliba Technologies, he was responsible for the development of the very successful DLT and SDLT families of tape and Automation data storage products at Quantum Corporation. George was the primary inventor of the DLT and Super DLT tape product line and was instrumental in the explosive growth of the DLTtape and SDLTtape.  He is credited for inventing multiple tape technology advances and completing, ahead of the competition, 8 consecutive leadership DLT and SDLT tape products (DLT260, DLT2000, DLT4000, DLT7000, DLT8000, SDLT1 and SDLT2). DLT became the industry standard for tape storage products worldwide, shipping over 100 million tape cartridges. Mr. Saliba also was responsible for the development of all the DLTtape media and DLTStor Tape Automation.  

The success of these products has resulted in the phenomenal growth of Quantum’s business from $200 Million to over $1 Billion. George Saliba is known in the industry as “Mr. DLT”.

George’s career spans over 35 years in the data storage industry.  Prior to Quantum, he was the Senior Group Engineering Manager for TK70, TF70, and for the tapes of all DLT Tape storage products developed at Digital Equipment Corporation.  He also held a variety of senior engineering management and technical staff positions in developing state-of-the-art disk drives at Storage Technology Corporation from 1977 – 1986.

George has received numerous awards for his work.  In 1996, he was voted Quantum’s Inventor of the Year.  For his many DLT inventions and innovations, in 1997 he was awarded Quantum’s Lifetime Achievement Award.  He has also received, for the second time, the Inventor of the Year Award in 1998. Mr. Saliba recently received the 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Colorado, Denver.

George has over 90 issued patents covering various data storage technologies.  He has published extensively in the magnetic recording field.  George earned BSEE and MSEE degrees from the University of Colorado, and holds BT1 and BT2 degrees in Electrical Engineering from Ecole Des arts et Sciences.

I like to think of my relationship with Saliba Technologies as a win-win. They not only provide solutions to the problem, but in every case, the results have exceeded targets

James R. Mudd, Jr., Quantum Corp.SVP WW Operations