GSS represents a multi-million dollar investment in R&D to revolutionize the way data is stored and accessed.

The GSS Advantage

GSS revolves around a breakthrough patented method of formatting user data such that it can be ported between all media types, and between archival, backup and primary storage, in unprecedented time cycles. The optimized common GSS format is designed for intelligent and seamless data compression, reduction, de-duplication, data protection and transparent migration between all types of storage devices without any user involvement. GSS does it all for you, automatically.


As your needs grow over time, the GSS patented technology can grow to meet your needs. The hardware and software solutions within GSS are designed to meet the growing demand with seamless scalability of systems from low end (single tape drive) into high end (disk, tape or optical library systems). GSS fills the void in technology that has inhibited the realization of true Near-online data storage. It truly is the data storage design for the future. It is designed to be scalable beyond anything else out there.

Timing is Everything

GSS understands that your time is valuable. By using patented technologies to auto-archive data based on frequency of access, GSS cuts out the inefficiencies of disk-only storage solutions. Fragmented disks will never waste your time again, and the data you do access frequently will be brought to you even faster. Timing is everything.

Universal Format

GSS brings you universal access with its integrated and tested hardware and application solution. Using one common GSS format for all storage solutions eliminates the complications inherent in varying forms of media.


GSS is a fully scalable storage solution designed to meet the demands of data availability and management from work group to enterprise applications.

Lower Cost Backup

We realize that in an ever-increasingly competitive landscape, cost is a huge consideration. GSS will meet and exceed your expectations. GSS is so affordable because hardware and software configurations are designed for user needs using a cost effective, highly integrated, ASIC architecture. While ASIC’s are available and the software development is complete, production will be tailored to meet your specific needs within 6 months from order.


Security is a primary focus for GSS technology. System configurations provide fault tolerant capability with redundant storage. By automatically incorporating back end redundancies, the data you store will be saved both permanently and securely.

Multiple Users

Never worry about data limitations or maximum user problems again, GSS is a true ILM-VTL solution, an ultra high-capacity data storage solution. It is a fully integrated network, or direct attached storage solution, that allows multiple users to access very large volumes of data, at the same time.


GSS provides efficiency for the Planet. By leveraging the ability to only access the media required, and by safely archiving the appropriate data automatically and intelligently, GSS energy requirements are significantly lower than alternative data storage methods. It is estimated that GSS could save up to 90% of energy consumption to meet the storage needs of its user.

There is so much more to GSS than can be compiled into one fact page. We would look forward to discussing GSS in more detail with you. We would like to invite you to give us a chance to explain, in detail, to you and your staff (at no obligation to you) the overwhelming advantage of GSS versus any other file management and VTL systems in the market today. Please feel free to email us at or call 303.325.5333.

Tape Drive Doctor

Tape Drive Doctor is the world’s first smart Repair system for LTO Tape Drives.  The two primary products, HRC and USTC Tape, incorporate patented pending technology that is designed to efficiently diagnose and repair damaged tape drives. Whether it is caused by normal wear and tear, dust, or head damage, repairing the drive is costly and time consuming – until now. The HRC-USTC technology is directly credited for the dramatic reduction of tape drive repair costs and is currently used by major data storage customers.

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Check back for updates on the UST Disk and UST Optical product lines that are currently in development.